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Fashion Photographers Birmingham UK – Oakes Studios Fashion Photography – Fashion & Beauty Photographs for portfolios, editorial, advertising & marketing. From High Street names to Boutique independents we love the challenge of coming up with new and creative ways to shoot collections. Spring/Summer Autumn/Winter its always fresh , exciting and new. Revealing the radiance of a new garment or new hair style we undertake the shoot with both verve and enthusiasm. Working with Birmingham’s best Model Agencies (my studio is just above AlanSharman) and a whole host of Make Up professionals and Hair Styling Artists along with Stylists for both Clothing , Accessories and Location ensures every photoshoot is managed with a team that is sure to ensure your success. From large point of sale posters across the city to small collections for web work we have an eye for detail that delivers results. Working with fashion editors, on hot trends and the latest styles or with bangles and beads from India and Asia we come up with campaign styles to brief or to our own ideas that show off your brand , your style and your ethos. Asian Fashion and make up has been a regular joy to shoot , getting the right face the proper look and the perfect make up is always my goal. If clients are working with a limited budget its worth highlighting the cut and the quality , perhaps in fewer pictures. Details and finish can be captured with exquisite detail and combined with lively and interesting full and half lengths. We love shooting tethered in the studio – enabling clients to accept and reject as we go along, just like Next Top Model , being able to know instantly that you have that shot , that look ,that moment . Hair shoots can be spectacular and creative , we shoot on location or in the studio to create the perfect template of images. At Salons and Studios from Birmingham to Bristol we work with clients who both expect and demand a professional approach combined with a knowledgeable and creative flair. My photography has been used for T Shirt campaigns – Local Radio style Challenges , High Street P.O.S Exhibition and Catwalk shows, and a whole host of Fashion Websites.