Oakes Studios Food Photographers Birmingham – Food Photographer Graham Oakes

Food photographer Graham Oakes is a Birmingham based commercial photographer with years of experience in producing high-quality food photographs. Mouth-watering, appetising, inviting, tempting and delicious, and that’s just the photographs. A difficult discipline that needs time, an array of equipment and a whole host of tricks of the trade. Combining all the above with both flair and a wealth of experience the results speak for themselves. From Marco Pierre White to Online sales of sausages there’s not much that I have not encountered. From recipe books to cake magazines, packaging to promotions the food should look both tempting and irresistible. Using food stylists wherever the budget allows enables both the client and I to concentrate on getting the very best from the subject. However I have worked in top end kitchens, restaurants, hotels, bars and eating establishments from Birmingham to Cardiff, Bristol to Brighton. Sometimes the chef steps up to the plate (excuse the pun!) and we can work together to produce High End results. I work tethered so everyone involved can see large images and zoom in to inspect the detail and overall look. Shooting on Medium format digital cameras and appropriate professional lighting ensures the very best of images capable of use across a whole raft of media. From cookbooks to posters we are proud of the range of work we produce. A recent shoot saw me working with Royal Greenland using their high quality seafood in a whole range of proposed menu items , this was in conjunction with Birmingham’s University College of Food in there food and innovation suite. We shot various concoctions with the students to record there efforts to impress the judges. Very masterchef indeed.