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Lifestyle Photographers Birmingham, Lifestyle photography for Design Agencies, Editorial Publications, Company Brochures, Websites & Social Media Marketing. Make today memorable , get in close , live and breath the subject see them in the settings that distinguish their style. Get personal, no smiley poses – its about getting people and places as they are , or how they would like to be portrayed. We are used to seeing young people in the press and advertising for both brand leaders to all the social media outlets we have come to know. We are all image conscious – more so than ever, its important to portray people in a way that reflects how they see themselves. I have shot Merry Hill and Bullring to tell everyday lifestyle stories for Debenhams – designer swimwear to Selfridges – Brow sculpting franchise. Its always important to understand both the brief and subject. Health Exchange commissioned me to shoot busy local areas but to give the images a coherence and theme , I chose movement and shot for 2 days producing a library of pictures with that idea. The shots were used across a raft of media including web work , informational and promotional material and PR campaigns. The styles we choose the clothes we wear the hair styles we sport the sportswear we associate with – are captured both by the mirror in the camera and the mirror of the moment. Never before have we embraced the lifestyle’s of the rich and famous to the b and c list celeb’s. We see them every time we switch on the television, open up our tablets, switch on our phones. From a lifestyle branding exercise with a very large Housing Company to a shoot that took place live in the window of a large Birmingham store. Lifestyle changes are in a constant state of flux , its important to engage a photographer that communicates with the subject. A warm, friendly and personable professional will get involved with the subject and bring out the very best in whatever the subject.