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Freelance Photographers Birmingham – Oakes Studios Creative Photographers in Birmingham, Solihull, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield and Telford. When I’m not busy taking photographs for clients , then I’m busy taking photos for myself and picture agencies across the globe. From pictures of apples to fresh fish from Bread to Bracelets. Working without a brief is refreshing and challenging but allows me to play around with techniques, lighting and effects that might not come into play on the day to day work. A Spanish picture library had one of my shots chosen for a Book cover for Gerard Woodwards – a Curious Earth. The shot of dead and crystallised flowers was used right across both the front and back cover. Vintage books chose my shot from thousands of others and remarked that it was both atmospheric and had a strange beauty of its own. Its gratifying to see ones images being chosen from Mexico (shot of a trombone) to Manchester ( a shot of bread) and although some of the picture libraries don’t pay enormous sums , shots can sell repeatedly over many years. I very often get shots “stuck in my head” and its often months before they get out of there and in front of the camera. A recent one was Rock Paper Scissors – I sort of had an idea for this and eventually achieved a powerful personal image that stands out from others photos and illustrations under that heading. Photographers like myself are never happier than behind the lens and we are constantly striving to prove the maxim that A picture is worth a thousand words. If you have to explain the shot or outline the concept then your photograph is not working. A great photo should speak for itself and convey the message in an instant. Powerful pictures are my passion , whether I’m shooting for clients or shooting for stock.