When your photography skills are so diverse – from PR to Property – from Advertising to Artistic – from Editorial to Ecommerce, it’s not surprising to find that photography commissions regularly call on me to shoot both Children and Animals.

A regular client needed new headshots in the Studio – a mix of different looks so that articles and announcements could be accompanied by an appropriate looking portrait. Corporate – friendly – serious etc.

On the morning of the shoot however – he was literally left “holding the baby” a set of family circumstances had meant that his grandson needed looking after.

“No Problem – bring him along, we might get some good shots of him too” We did. Needless to say, the client was delighted with the results.

Pets win prizes – this prize-winning little chap was bought along to a shoot in Sutton Park. A large family group who wanted to get a large group shot of everyone who hadn’t seen each other over the whole of lockdown.

Graham organised various group poses – all the girls, all the guys, all the children and the dog of course. I thought that Black and White really suited the shot – and that proved correct when the client bought a large canvas print for display.

I was commissioned by a large charity related organisation in London to cover a Festival of Flight gathering in Arley near Coventry. A couple of hours shooting this large family friendly event to raise money for both the village trust and the various charities who had stalls all around the field. I managed to get the relevant permissions of the people, both parents and children to obtain usage rights for the images. However – I also produced a number of more generic photographs where the people involved could not really be identified, these prove useful for story telling use.

…. The client and the onsite contact came back with – “the pictures are Fantastic” and “these are Amazing”.

Dogs welcome – a dog friendly get together shot locally. More and more venues realise they can increase footfall if areas are pet welcoming.

This heartwarming photograph was just perfect as I’m down on the floor to try and achieve an unusual angle – something I’m well known for. I have an eye for capturing memorable and meaningful moments.

At a Company Fun Day in Kenilworth – Graham was commissioned to cover the events of the day. Getting in amongst the staff, management and families in a huge outdoor adventure setting.

This cheeky chap was in his element – and the primary colours worked well, to produce a great editorial image. His expression says it all.

A black and white image of a child at play – part of a series of 12 images (from hundreds of shots) that were to be blown up to large wall prints (then laminated!) to feature on a private nursery wall in Slough. Careful composition takes the viewers eye and use of white space gives the image a different look. This was a two-day shoot that was both physically demanding, challenging logistically – but immensely satisfying when the final photographs had been chosen and displayed.

Alice grows larger – an Advertising shot produced on green screen to allow for further photoshop and manipulation in final post production. One pill makes you Larger and one pill makes you Small – and the ones that Mother gives you – don’t do anything at all. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane – 1967 (theme song for Matrix 4, 50 years on.)

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