Two commissions for bed retailers here. The first client had over 30 beds to be photographed, on location. I used long shot, close ups and detail shots all at several angles. One example can be seen above – taken in a banqueting hall with draped material across the back wall.

Product detail Birmingham photography - beds

Product details shot of mattress and bed. This photograph is for use in mailers, at point of sale, on their website and as product information.

The other client decided on a room set that we hired. Both clients were able to judge the shots on my apple Mac-book-pro as I shot tethered using Phase One / Capture One software.

Room set photography for beds in Birmingham


Different client. Room set photography for a second shoot of beds, I shot tethered to get the ultimate detail and ability to check the image before committing to the final shot.

Lighting set up - Beds in Birmingham photographer

A snap of our lighting set up in Birmingham for 2 day shoot.

Assistant takes a short break from Beds shoot Birmingham.

Grahams assistant takes a break on one of the customers top class products! It gets the ‘thumbs up’!

There was an interesting twist to this photo-shoot… The venue I spent 2 days in, photographing the beds collapsed the week after! Fortunately no one was hurt – but it was reported on by local press and on the ITV news.

Venue collapses!