Fatima got in touch with Graham via the website – having searched “Fashion Photographers Birmingham” she was struck by the stylish Sunglasses/Selfridges shot on the opening page.

Having been in business for as long as I have it was obvious that we’re on the same page when talking her about her proposed shoot.

With Covid still restricting studio use it was decided that street photography was the way forward.

Birmingham’s vibrant Jewellery Quarter provided an easily accessible and characterful area that offered us chance to get a different scene for each of her chosen outfits.

From Graffiti covered walls to the striking Cemetery with its multi level walkways all providing beautiful backdrops.

2 Nikon cameras are the workhorses that were used to shoot this fashion based business commission. A D810 and D850 enabled Graham to quickly change viewpoints and camera lens configurations to produce Wide Angle and Telephoto photographs. A quick look at the viewing screen always helps the client know they’re in safe hands.

Posing perfection stylish photography Birmingham

Posing perfection stylish photography Birmingham

Colour co-ordination is something both the photographer and client were in sync with – the Scooter was used to enhance and complement the fashion outfit in yellow. An office block wall in just the right shade became another perfect backdrop.

Yellow outfit posing with style

Jewellery Quarter fashion shoot - Birmingham UK

Talking of framing the subject – this industrial balustrade was the viewpoint for this dramatic black and white / monotone landscape picture. Leading the eye through a mixture of blurred elements to bring our model into sharp focus.

Framing the subject in her best light in Black and White

Framing the subject in her best light in Black and White

Ballgowns in Birmingham – another urban street shot from our fashion blogger and Instagram client. Graham can advise on poses, looks, overall feel and knows where all the best Coffee Houses are in and around Birmingham!

In vogue - profile headshot with attitude

Drama in Vogue – this powerful portrait was shot on the best day of this year so far, using glass and chrome to full effect on this classy profile portrait.

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