Makeover Photography Shoot in Birmingham

This young lady loves being a mom – but sometimes its easy to lose track of your real self. Having some time out to yourself is a little bit of luxury. And if you can do that at the same time as becoming a little more glamorous and even (lets face it) downright hot!

The before shot – on my phone shows her arrival at my Birmingham based Studio. The after shot is once my brilliant MUA has done her work and weaved her magic.

Getting in the model mode – a straight to camera face on image, getting the lighting just right and easing our “model” into working different poses. This became one of the clients social media favourites.

Black and White monotone image – taken in the streets surrounding the studio.I love b/w and like to surprise clients with the introduction of a handful of photographs in this style.We had talked about “off the shoulder” outfits during our planning of what to wear.

Nika and I exchanged many WhatsApp messages as we approached the photo session. Not least were discussions on how to pose, what works, and what doesn’t.

This outdoor urban location shot shows just how confident our subject is feeling under the camera’s gaze.

Studio Portrait with passion. This moody and slightly sexy pose is a winner, the careful composition and blue tones all create a very un mommy picture. A photoshoot gives you the licence to embrace the inner glam that lurks inside each and every one of us.

A front cover shot if ever there was one … this beautiful image was taken up high on the circular staircase just close to my studio. I’ve produced a full beauty edit for this one and with our client embracing her make over opportunity – shots like this really are 5 star. (which was the review she gave me on Google My Business.

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