On Lockdown


It won’t surprise anyone who knows me that during the many weeks of lockdown that I have taken some time to still keep doing what I love.

Photography is in my blood, so it’s been a chance to test my creativity and technical prowess!

High Speed Photography – This Lord of the Rings inspired photograph Involved shutter speeds in excess of 1,000th of a second. By using a combination of daylight and continuous lighting I was able to capture the ring as it splashed into the golden bowl.

One ring – is all it takes to get great photography from Graham Oakes!

Reflections and Refractions – Art for Art’s Sake. This black and white studio shot was shot to make an interesting and arresting image for my studio wall.

Give me your brief and your colour scheme and I will create beautiful photography of your desired subject.

The Boat – once lockdown had been lifted a little I decided on a visit (during the very sunny May that we had) to the almost deserted historic Handsworth Park in Birmingham. A quiet and serene boating lake provided the scenic and somewhat atmospheric setting for the shot.

Lockdown – The sad sight of get-fit exercise equipment being taped off and out of bounds. I decided to give the photograph an interesting edit. Taking some of the image to black and white – while masking the police tape to remain in colour. Highlighting the strangeness of the new normal.

Electric Plasma Ball – another product related image. I challenged myself to capture the blue bolts of kinetic energy along with an interesting glowing background. This is actually 2 photographs comped together in Photoshop.

Need electric images? get in touch!

Old Master bowl of fruit. I wanted to achieve a painterly type feel to this still life photograph. Strong sunlight was filtered down and a mirror used to pinpoint the focal point.

A very short depth of field was achieved by the use of one of my special lenses. I’m pretty pleased with the end result!

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