I take photographs all of the time – it’s how I look at the world.

My brain looks for pleasing shapes, striking shadows, strange reflections, beautiful colours.

I often wander off and take shots just for the pure pleasure of capturing a moment in time. In the middle of shopping – on a train journey – at the coffee shop – anywhere really. If I’ve not got my camera – then I will take images on my phone – sometimes with the idea that i can use them as a screensaver or as a pictorial message at some future date.

Photos say more than words, images portray more than sentences, a powerful photograph will hold the eye and convey all kinds of emotions.

I have been a professional photographer all of my adult life and I get joy from my chosen dedication. Add this to the pleasure of a great review, a murmur of “wow”- the happy customer, the surprised client and appreciative viewer just make my journey more rewarding.

I’m very much a believer that “if you do something that you like – you will never work a day in your life”. The very best advice I was ever given was to do something different – give the client an image that they were not expecting – something odd, something quirky, something at an unusual angle. They may not even like it – but they will remember that you did it, and get a glimpse of what you’re capable of.

The images here are all phone shots – so excuse the quality – but its just a little window into my passion, my profession, my life.

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