Worn out Shoes….

My work shoes have finally given up the ghost! Out on a PR and Property Location shoot in various areas around Birmingham - they started to flap like the large clown shoes you see at the circus. A little embarrassing to be sure - but managed to hold up for the rest of the project. The right camera for the job - a versatile camera

Worn out Shoes….2021-10-24T21:26:36+01:00

Mysterious Shoots !!!

Sometimes there are photoshoots that I just can’t talk about - it’s often that the client does not want to be bombarded by Advertising Agencies and Recruitment consultants - but I can give a hint about these two Location shoots for a regular client of mine. 3 story apartment in very impressive - but in a top secret location - many miles from my Birmingham

Mysterious Shoots !!!2021-07-22T14:20:36+01:00

Boudoir Photography – Male or Female – Clients Looking for a different and daring photoshoot

More Male Nudes Our subject on these 2 Contrasting styles of naked male photographs has been building up to our shoot together over a couple of months. We have talked about different scenarios and use of props / costumes and Masks to get a range of different shots. We rejected some ideas, and embraced others - culminating in a photo shot which encompassed Cosplay, American

Boudoir Photography – Male or Female – Clients Looking for a different and daring photoshoot2021-04-15T10:25:20+01:00

Children’s photography – shot with warmth, love and laughter

A running shot alongside of a zooming scooter, fresh air and exercise are captured in a stylish manner. Natural shots are Graham’s preferred way of capturing children at play. Letting them get used to the camera and they stop being so aware, allowing for a better, more dynamic image to be captured. Graham was very pleased to be commissioned by a large Housing Association to

Children’s photography – shot with warmth, love and laughter2020-10-16T12:23:21+01:00

McLaren motors – open evening with the design team

The in house design team allow customers to try their hand at clay model making. Fine tools sculpt the sleek shape of the world beating British sports car. The drinks reception allows customers and potential buyers to mingle and chat at the McLaren showroom in Solihull - Birmingham. Graham captures the relaxed vibe of the evening. Graham deploys depth of field - bringing into focus

McLaren motors – open evening with the design team2020-09-17T23:21:03+01:00

Sofas and Stuff!

When prestigious Furnishing and Fabric retail outlet Sofas and Stuff needed their new store covered for stylish images then Graham Oakes got the gig. A mix of public relations and creative photography images made up the brief. James the Sofas an Stuff showroom manager gets the money shot PR picture (above). Graham got a colleague to press the zebra crossing button which enabled him to

Sofas and Stuff!2020-09-17T23:18:51+01:00

Praise Be!

A job well done (and invoice paid!) is always nice, but extra rewarding when the client takes the time to reward you with a note of thanks. This can happen via e mail, text, WhatsApp or via Linked in and I’m very pleased to report that it happens time and time again. From Design & Publicity practitioners who recommend my services to an Interior Design

Praise Be!2020-08-06T21:15:06+01:00

We’ll shoot anything on site… Construction / Building Site photography

Birds eye view - up 4 floors, then up one more to get this storytelling shot of a very well attended event on the roof of a construction project for Coventry University. Photographer on Site - full PPI is a prerequisite for Site photography, hard hat, work boots, builder gloves and often clear goggles are the fashion statement I’m making. Arresting Architectural views are captured

We’ll shoot anything on site… Construction / Building Site photography2020-06-28T09:17:19+01:00

Big Brummie Bake – John Taylor Hospice Photoshoot

I'm not just your chosen photographer - I’m part of your team, a willing helping hand, a creative colleague, a valuable resource. Your company, your values, your passion are reflected and respected by Graham. Having my cake - and eating it. A behind the scenes shot from the John Taylor Hospice Big Brummie Bake photoshoot in Birmingham. Cookes Furniture Store kindly let us take over

Big Brummie Bake – John Taylor Hospice Photoshoot2020-01-17T19:00:10+00:00

Telling a story – my Business Cards mean Business!

People are always surprised by the presentation of my business cards, often fanned out with the reverse facing the subject. I ask them to “pick a card - any card” so they do, it's not a magic trick but it enables me to turn each card over to highlight my creativity and amazing diversity of work. Each card is different - and every card features

Telling a story – my Business Cards mean Business!2019-08-25T22:49:20+01:00
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