We’ll shoot anything on site… Construction / Building Site photography

Birds eye view - up 4 floors, then up one more to get this storytelling shot of a very well attended event on the roof of a construction project for Coventry University. Photographer on Site - full PPI is a prerequisite for Site photography, hard hat, work boots, builder gloves and often clear goggles are the fashion statement I’m making. Arresting Architectural views are captured

We’ll shoot anything on site… Construction / Building Site photography2020-06-28T09:17:19+01:00

Big Brummie Bake – John Taylor Hospice Photoshoot

I'm not just your chosen photographer - I’m part of your team, a willing helping hand, a creative colleague, a valuable resource. Your company, your values, your passion are reflected and respected by Graham. Having my cake - and eating it. A behind the scenes shot from the John Taylor Hospice Big Brummie Bake photoshoot in Birmingham. Cookes Furniture Store kindly let us take over

Big Brummie Bake – John Taylor Hospice Photoshoot2020-01-17T19:00:10+00:00

Telling a story – my Business Cards mean Business!

People are always surprised by the presentation of my business cards, often fanned out with the reverse facing the subject. I ask them to “pick a card - any card” so they do, it's not a magic trick but it enables me to turn each card over to highlight my creativity and amazing diversity of work. Each card is different - and every card features

Telling a story – my Business Cards mean Business!2019-08-25T22:49:20+01:00

Green Screen Photography for Comedy Tour

On Site Photography for a Danish Comedy Tour Advertising Poster Having been recommended by Frosts Photo Centre in Mere Green Sutton Coldfield, Graham was asked to produce engaging and lively full length portraits to suit a Danish comedy tour poster. We had a discussion regarding the proposed layout and format - to enable Graham to bring out the best in each subject. The Real Cupboards!

Green Screen Photography for Comedy Tour2019-08-06T21:09:34+01:00

Fab Fashion Photo Shoot in Birmingham – Make Up Artist

Fabulous Fashion Make-Up shoot, Birmingham studio photography with Graham Oakes Start with a Gra Scale! All good shoots start with a Gra Card! Colour balance is extremely important no matter what you're photographing, having a good base is essential - ask any Make-Up Artist. We accurately measure light levels, contract and colour at the start of all our shoots. More Make Up

Fab Fashion Photo Shoot in Birmingham – Make Up Artist2019-05-27T21:55:12+01:00

A better choice than a Photo Agency

When a client looks for a Photo Agency what is it they are after? They’re looking for experts in a chosen field, with confidence that they’ll be commissioning a Professional Photographer – proficient in the specialist discipline needed. Advertising Agencies or large clients often reach out to Agencies who represent the best talent. Often just a small group of names are represented and charged out

A better choice than a Photo Agency2019-05-27T21:55:32+01:00

Recommendations and Endorsements

Nothing gets more work, nothing gets your foot in the door, nothing you mail, e-mail blog or post about works better than a recommendation. A quick e mail to say thanks - or a full blown endorsement on Linked In or better still a word in the ear of a likely customer usually lead to a chance to impress someone new. I'm both proud and

Recommendations and Endorsements2020-01-17T18:20:15+00:00

Photography is in my Blood!

I take photographs all of the time - it’s how I look at the world. My brain looks for pleasing shapes, striking shadows, strange reflections, beautiful colours. I often wander off and take shots just for the pure pleasure of capturing a moment in time. In the middle of shopping - on a train journey - at the coffee shop - anywhere really. If I’ve

Photography is in my Blood!2019-03-18T22:36:46+00:00

Drama Divas – Plus Size Photoshoot – Birmingham

Start with a Gra-card! A willing assistant helps get the Colour Balance spot on, an essential start for colour accuracy, contrast and exposure for your Fashion Shoot. Behind the scenes A look at the Phase One system as it helps both the client and Graham pick just the right image for their portfolio of pictures. Drama Divas Fashion Shoot for the very latest release to

Drama Divas – Plus Size Photoshoot – Birmingham2019-05-27T21:55:56+01:00

Media and Retail Photography, Birmingham Grand Central

I have prepared this montage of my recent shoot for Space and People - a regular client of the Commercial Photography Network [CPN]. It features the prestigious Lexus NX 300h. This was shot at Birmingham’s very latest retail destination and main railway hub - Grand Central. The brief was to highlight the customer experience, get busy and engaging images that tell the story and compliment the brand. The

Media and Retail Photography, Birmingham Grand Central2019-05-27T21:56:38+01:00
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