A better choice than a Photo Agency


When a client looks for a Photo Agency what is it they are after?

They’re looking for experts in a chosen field, with confidence that they’ll be commissioning a Professional Photographer – proficient in the specialist discipline needed.

Advertising Agencies or large clients often reach out to Agencies who represent the best talent. Often just a small group of names are represented and charged out by an even smaller group of London-based companies. Yes, there are benefits to working this way – if your job requires say a car photographer in Canada – they’ll find you the right person to fit your big budget.

However – if you’re launch a new car,  or a world wide advertising campaign,  then we can suggest something different. If you’re looking to commission photography in the fields of AdvertisingArchitecturalCommercialCorporateEditorial & PR and Industrial and you want to work to both sensible budgets and realistic deadlines there’s an excellent resource for you:


20 UK Cities – 1 Coordinated Team.

  • No 50% or more mark ups on commissioned work. Save your time when searching – and save your money by finding a photographer close to the shoot location.
  • Proven expert in your chosen subject. A co-ordinated approach – often with a specific account handler for you.
  • Multi – Site locations dealt with for you.
  • The Commercial Photographers Network is a Ltd Company – fully VAT registered with a central invoicing system.

This is not a list – as a general photographer you cannot join the CPN unless you are invited – this is a joined up approach to provide superb photography across the whole of the UK and Ireland. By photographers who have been hand picked by their peers.

Just like – or even better than – a Photo Agency.

Graham Oakes is proud to be chosen to be part of the CPN.
For more info, call the Commercial Photographers Network: 0333 567 0002.   Email: [email protected]

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