Product Photography Shoot in Stafford –  A Lovely Combination Shoot

Product photography should never be boring! We produced these location and studio images for Copper Cups story who  have a Not on the High Street shop (NOTHS). They will also use the images on their own website and in social media promotion. A lovely product – beautifully shot.

A funny moment during this photo-shoot was when I managed to knock the product into the river – and also managed to rescue it! It was a really freezing morning… 

Main image above: Sports, Fitness, Lifestyle and Health Studio shoot with model.

Carefully photoshopped to highlight and accent the beautiful copper colour of the drinking vessel.

my copper cup

A truly lovely interpretation of the product in use.

Incorporating Balance, Yoga, Fitness, Well being, and the importance of exercise, and hydration.

Copper Cup In Flight

A montage of 3 shots – The Hand , The Cup and the Backdrop.

(Anyone recognise the blue Birmingham background?)Lifestyle Product Photography in Stafford

Lifestyle product photography in Stafford.

Ideal little product group for use on Not On The High Street along with Spotify and Facebook as well as the company website.

Scenic storytelling location photography

A cold but bright day out on location with the product.

A tiny tripod was used to enable me to get the water movement that enhanced the stillness of the Copper Cup

Graham gets close up and personal (1)

On location in Stafford , shooting tethered to my mac book pro; judging each image carefully before products are moved.

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