When High Street survivor Patisserie-Valerie re emerged under the ownership of Causeway Capital, it was time to update the image bank to present new improved items to the customer.

Graham was asked to get involved across the huge range of Cake related menu items.

King of Cake shops – a well known and respected brand get in touch with Graham to provide mouthwatering images across the cake related product range.

Shooting tethered means that everyone involved can clearly see the images as we go.

Behind the scenes – an on site studio set up was required so that the cakes could be kept as fresh as possible until images were shot, and chosen as the shoot progressed.

This ensures we get a perfect portfolio of photographs that meet the brief, show the product to its best advantage and bring your product to life.

Delicious and mouthwatering food photography – of cakes on suitable lifestyle backgrounds to bring out the best in over 100 images that were produced on the day.

The highlighting of a new venture in online cake ordering and delivery was also part of the brief.

Patisserie Valerie specialist Birthday Cake range, group shot on subtle but stylish backdrop and added lights to highlight the splendid colourful confectionery.

Tea and cake – I love my job! You really can have your cake and eat it with Oakesstudios.com.

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