People are always surprised by the presentation of my business cards, often fanned out with the reverse facing the subject.

I ask them to “pick a card – any card” so they do, it’s not a magic trick but it enables me to turn each card over to highlight my creativity and amazing diversity of work.

Each card is different – and every card features an image from a commissioned job.

There’s everything there – from Hair Shoots to Industrial Piping. From Executive Property to The Bull Ring Bull.

The one I feature here is a still from a rapper’s music video. I shot the stills while a colleague shot the Bubble ‘n’ Bang promo video.

Models, Rappers, Bubble Gun , multi layered backdrops and music all mashed together to make arresting images.

I photoshopped the image looking into camera, knowing the video was going down the multi coloured route.

I’m always challenging myself – and looking for the next great image, for you and for me.

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