A real mainstay of my business is Corporate Portraiture.

From large Multi Nationals – to small local businesses its always important to create the right image. The CEO needs to convey your current style – and if accompanied with a press release, they should be portrayed in a manner that fits both the brief and the copy. 

New appointments and promotions can always be celebrated with new photography – headshots or groups. Its vital to keep your media feed up to date and your company news relayed to whichever industry you’re in. The Local Press, the National Press and even the International Press are all hungry for new content.

Your staff should be kept informed – and the people involved should feature in first class photographs that are both interesting and relevant. The people featured here had both been promoted and had to be shot in such a way as to disguise the social distancing that was in place when this was taken. 

This guy really is the Boss – Simon Boss Chief Executive of Shoosmiths Law Firm.

This shot is one of several, shot in various areas of the Birmingham branch of this highly respected practice. It’s good to build up a small library of stylish PR Portraits to accompany any news stories that need to hit the media.

A good photograph is worth a thousand words any day, thus saving time for your copywriter! 

A strong and dramatic Head and Shoulders portrait of the CEO of Shoosmiths.

Backlit to provide a serious scene setting shot. Utilising the company colours and keeping the image both contrasty but with detail where its needed. Graham is a fan of vignetting and while keeping it to a minimum, this effect has been added in post production to add a little more drama.

This powerful portrait is one from a session in Sutton Coldfield, all of the staff were photographed – mainly for use on the Company Website.

Its important that the photographer establishes a rapport with the sitter – or in this case the stander! The unusual window was lit from below to highlight the contrasting yet symmetrical style of the architecture. Letting the person lean a little helps them to relax.

My easy going style also takes some of the stage fright out of office portrait sessions.

Financial Sector Editorial photography – posed by a professional model. Sometimes – and I would say every time! – A stock image just won’t do. A two hour studio session in Birmingham was booked to provide a mix of Lifestyle images for use across a couple of campaigns in the Finance industry that were particularly aimed toward the Asian markets.

Don’t use images that everyone else uses – make them bespoke, make them work, own the copyright and establish your own style. 


Management Portrait – Health sector. A very large University campus had commissioned a beautiful new Sports, Leisure and Fitness complex on site near Coventry. My photographic commission was to cover the Exterior and Interior features, from the large multi purpose gym to the swimming section and one of the largest rock climbing walls in Europe. This portrait was the very first shot that I took, of the Warwick sports Hub leader in a relaxed style. Truth be told, she wasn’t really up for it, and a little gentle persuasion was needed to get her on board.

When she saw the image – her actual quote was “Oh that’s lovely – you must have a magic camera!” and I have!

This friendly face belongs to a staff member of a very large charity in Birmingham that I shoot for regularly. We had great weather and had a large garden and chill out area to shoot in. With Covid still making social distancing and office use a problem, it was nice to get out and about in the sunshine. Again I used the ‘lean on something’ pose that I find very often helps the subject relax, get them talking and engaged. Lots of members of staff were involved for the separate portrait session. I’m particularly struck with this relaxed and friendly photograph.