Art Nude – How far will you go?

I ask the above question because the guy here came an incredible 446 miles from Inverness to do a shoot with me!

Thats an 8 hour journey even on the train – I applaud his dedication and obviously agree he could not find a better choice for his (mainly) naked photoshoot.

This was the image that I’m most pleased with from the shoot – the customer preferred a more revealing version. But with a brief as open as Art Nude, I really thought this was a definitive image. It does exactly what it says on the tin! I sourced the brushes and the amazing zipped vase from a well known published artist in Sutton Coldfield. She paints, sculptures and produces amazing textured art.

I often start a nude photography session with a selection of clothed portraits, this enables us to chat, and discuss the options available during our 4 hour session. The subject relaxes, we get to know each others likes and dislikes and the whole process takes on a less formal atmosphere. The guy really liked this character portrait.

The see through suit was purchased – my treat – for the first of a selection of unzipping photos that were backlit to produce a strong and dramatic image.The painting suit allowed Mr N the chance to be nude – but not seen. At first. Slowly undoing the garment gave us both demure and full frontal photographs.

I put my professional pro Nikon DSLR on to motor drive and asked him to slowly remove the see through suit, we got a set of excellent shots from both the front and behind. I left the studio flash on behind the subject to add a story telling aspect to the images. Being a life model for an art class was quite different to modelling for a nude and semi nude photo shoot.

If the pants fit – they very nearly did! Our guy bought along a few items of underwear for a set of more close up and personal pictures.

I changed the studio lighting dramatically – this time using a focusing spotlight and gobos to create a window light. I added a blue filter to the baffled side light and moved the model further away from the dark background that was chosen. We shot a selection of concealed and more revealing photographs that were dramatic, sexy and erotic. The client loved these – very much indeed.

Novaness can be found on Purpleport and comes highly recommended as a model, punctual and dedicated.

And finally – bringing up the rear as you might say – a few back views. We used a bright red riding crop to add a little more to the cheeky bottom close ups. Thoughtful use of props often brings a different element to a shoot, I’m always happy to talk, Whats App or meet up in person to discuss your ideas. Be relaxed, be yourself, and see how far you can go…

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