A new Website for a respected Branding Expert.

When my good friend Andrew Hope was looking for a refresh and image update then i was pleased to hear that i would be involved.

Brand creators should always practice what they preach, a tried and tested method of raising ones game is to produce New and Exciting and relevant content for your online presence.

Brand Doctor helps to diagnose problems and both suggest and treat them with a purpose and promise pledge.

Taking each client on a journey to understand the purpose, ethical stance and local community standing.

To see you from a customer standpoint and how you compare with your counterparts, colleagues and your prospective clients.

The photography needed to reflect the approachability, the friendliness and the agreeable people involved. The collaborative and creative atmosphere of the partners style.

As a long standing associate it was an absolute pleasure to work with Hope Creative and deciding on Birminghams Jewellery Quarter and in particular Urban Coffee as the creative hub in which to do our shoot.

On a cold bright day in Birmingham we shot a mixture of team and individual shots both inside and outside around the newly refurbished Golden Square.

We have collaborated together for many years and the personable individuals on both sides of the camera lens soon got a small library of high quality photographs to use across the many social media channels available. The results were “exactly what we were looking for” to quote Andrew Hope M.D.

Teamwork and Trust are both part of our own Brand Story and to be involved was as ever – a joy.

HopeCreative.co.uk – the Brand Doctor
urbanemporiums.com – UrbanCoffee
Oakesstudios.com – your friendly photographer