Start with a Gra-card!

A willing assistant helps get the Colour Balance spot on, an essential start for colour accuracy, contrast and exposure for your Fashion Shoot.

Behind the scenes

A look at the Phase One system as it helps both the client and Graham pick just the right image for their portfolio of pictures.

Drama Divas

Fashion Shoot for the very latest release to their Instagram online shop. Client, models and young assistant take a bow.

Soulful Studio Photography

Graham likes to give the client more than they expect – one of the reasons he’s been in business for so long.

This thoughtful and reflective – de-saturated colour photo was added to enhance the experience and bring a story-telling style to the shoot.

Powerful and Stylish Fashion Photography

Professional models combined with perfect lighting and the knowledge your shoot is in the hands of a consummate professional.

It’s a wrap!

Graham muscles in on the final photo of the session. Good times and great images had by all!

To get in touch with Graham for your photo shoot:

MOBILE: 07958 712088 
EMAIL: [email protected]