Fab models strike a pose, urban lifestyle clothing fashion shoot Birmingham.

Graham helped pull together 3 of the 4 models used on this striking campaign.

T-Shirts and hoodies photographed with style. Lifestyle models are chosen to reflect the target demographic. Young hip urban chic.

Just the right image – this cool professional male model is fun and easy to work with.

He looks good as I knew he would! An old passenger lift provides the background to this inner-city suburban fashion creation.

Jamie Clarke heads up this arresting fashion image with Phillip Haughton as a cool background figure. Funkie Munkie and Cheeky Munkie New Lifestyle apparel supplier.

Not part of the system, not PC, but standing up and not caring about what others think!

Great urban lifestyle location – Birmingham central building with character and history.

The models pose with just the right amount of youthful attitude. We mean business, we have style but we don’t endorse the boring and bland efforts of the corporate main players.

Cheeky & Funky photo and video production. Photo studio part of the shoot – Graham concentrates on stills while Rich does his stuff on the video side.

The music pounds, the beat goes on – the models do their stuff.

It’s Christmas! – Shot in camera by Graham, a simple concept is given the Christmas treatment.

Building up a library of images to use across the website and social media throughout the year.

If you have a brand you’re proud of, or an apparel line you want to launch, then feel free to get in touch – and let us work our magic.

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