The in house design team allow customers to try their hand at clay
model making. Fine tools sculpt the sleek shape of the world beating British sports car.

The drinks reception allows customers and potential buyers to mingle and chat at the McLaren showroom in Solihull – Birmingham. Graham captures the relaxed vibe of the evening.

Graham deploys depth of field – bringing into focus and illustrating the fabulous miniature model used by the car designers to perfect the stunning sports cars that are the mainstay of this prestigious marques output.

Reflecting on success – proud to be involved on a shoot with such an iconic British motor manufacturer. I’m always trying to get thought provoking angles and in this case a reflection makes this a more interesting image.

Oh the choices! Oh the decisions – which McLaren model to choose from? And then what colour to order! This radical relentless forward thinking brand engages with customers at every step of the way.

Making an entrance – Graham opens the doors to your sports car experience just wide enough to lead the eye through to the main car showroom.

Graham has a unique approach to event photography – get in touch if you want to capture a launch, an open night, a customer preview or just want truly great shots of your car showroom and staff.

I’m proud to say that I also include Porsche, Bentley and Mercedes as satisfied showroom shoot clients.

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