A running shot alongside of a zooming scooter, fresh air and exercise are captured in a stylish manner. Natural shots are Graham’s preferred way of capturing children at play. Letting them get used to the camera and they stop being so aware, allowing for a better, more dynamic image to be captured.

Graham was very pleased to be commissioned by a large Housing Association to highlight the activities of the on site nursery facilities. Castle Vale and Stockland Green areas can take advantage of a very bright, well run and passionate group of child minders. Food goes down a treat after all the fun.

Up with the birds – this little fellow gingerly makes his way to the very top of the slide. Cold but bright, a sunny day makes play the highlight of the morning. Although the discovery of a worm came high up on the list of cool stuff!

This was part of a heartwarming story board shoot for a website set up to support parents coping with ill children. Friendili is the brainchild of Jessica Barker, a long term client and ace Copyrighter. This picture is of her family – a beautiful and inspiring image taken on the borders of Tamworth and Sutton Coldfield.

Storytelling time – both for the youngsters and for Graham Oakes’ style of photography. That fraction of a second – captured, that memorable moment – recorded.
Children are not vain, they are not worried by how they look. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to get great images for clients that trust you to do them justice.

This image is another shoot for John Taylor Hospice – with the brief of providing images of families with relatives who have made (or are making) use of the caring facilities available. Graham was asked for images suitable for use on posters around the Birmingham area. Get close – then get closer still!

Back to my lifestyle shoot for Friendili – the family friendly site offering support for parents of poorly children. This shot was of mother and daughter enjoying the rope slide at Kingsbury Water Park – Sutton Coldfield.

Family Photoshoot – shot at the home of a client and her kids. I shoot tethered so everyone involved can see the shots, live as they happen, large – on my Apple Mac Book Pro. The fun, laughter and hugs are shot using state of the art software, top end DSLR cameras and lenses. Professional lighting adds to the ambiance of the images we captured in the session.

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