Sometimes there are photoshoots that I just can’t talk about – it’s often that the client does not want to be bombarded by Advertising Agencies and Recruitment consultants – but I can give a hint about these two Location shoots for a regular client of mine.

3 story apartment in very impressive – but in a top secret location – many miles from my Birmingham base. It was not the Architectural photography that I was commissioned to shoot – but I like to give clients a set of useful scene setting photographs with any job if I can. Shooting against the light this gives both some dramatic shadows and a hint of lens flare from the sunlight on this warm summer’s day. Clear blue sky across the nearby lake completes the picture.

Beautiful interior view with an exterior view to die for! I still can’t tell you where it is – but let’s say I have never been to such an area of landscaped private dwellings in my life. Aspirational is only the tip of the iceberg. With underground cellars, sweeping staircases, games rooms and Home Cinema rooms it goes without saying that this was a joy to be asked to photograph.

Men at Work – wearing my best branded work shirt to start what I do best. are there to cover the country to provide first class photography across a multitude of disciplines.
This client has used other parts of the Network to shoot at Starbucks in London.

You have reached your destination. Location photography in the middle of nowhere! My client and I had to meet a couple of miles away, so that we could arrive together. This was necessary so that the Security unit could check all our prearranged security clearance, our Covid passports, and a thorough check of both vehicles contents. I’m not sure I have ever seen my Sat Nav with literally no information on at all.

Finally – an editorial shot for the same mystery client – but this time you can see that I’m in Bath some 110 miles from my Birmingham studio. Again this is an establishment photo – something that gives a flavour (it is a fab new restaurant) of where the client has done a major installation.

Wherever you need a creative photographer then I can be there – on time on budget on point and with my enthusiastic approach to creative photography dialed up to 11.

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